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The Place For Optometry CE - Find Optometric Continuing Education Near You

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The Place for Optometry CE – Find Optometric Continuing Education Near You

At OptometryCE.com, our mission is to learn about and list every optometry continuing education option available so optometrists have the maximum choice when selecting optometry CE. With medical technology advancing faster than ever before, optometric CE has become an increasingly relevant and vital component in the optometric community. Several of the optometric field's largest organizations, schools and commercial partners have joined us in this endeavor, to educate and provide for the finest optometric care possible to date.

With our list of Optometry CE courses available throughout the United States, it has never been easier to obtain the certification needed to both compete in today's market and provide patients with the best, most up to date optometric care. The way you choose to complete your optometry continuing education is up to you. Our list includes the traditional courses and conferences with options available for online courses and even travel and cruise, which provide a unique combination of world travel and education.

Start your search today and learn about the optometry CE taking place nearest you and our extensive database of optometric CE courses offered. Thank you for your patience as we build our database, and thank you to all the optometry CE administrators who have either uploaded or entered their available courses to make them available to a wider audience. Even if you are not a course administrator, feel free to let us know about any course we are missing--your fellow optometrists will thank you!

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